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Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information

Misuzu Corporation (hereafter “Misuzu”) processes certain information about our customers such as name, address, email address, and images. Some of this information may enable you to be identifiable (“Personal Information”). We consider it our social obligation as a corporation to appropriately handle your Personal Information. All executive personnel and employees at Misuzu handle this information with the utmost care and respect. Your Personal Information is handled as described below.

Collection of Personal Information

All Personal Information is collected in a legal and fair manner. We collect only necessary Personal Information that is used only for specified purposes.

How Personal Information is Used

The way your Personal Information will be used is specified at the time it is collected. Use of the collected information is restricted to the specified purpose of use.

Safeguarding and Management of Personal Information

A dedicated administrator is assigned to safely, securely, and properly manage the Personal Information we collect. At Misuzu, we take efforts to manage your Personal Information using appropriate methods.

Restriction of Third Party Access to Personal Information

Personal Information is never shared with third parties for purposes outside of the originally specified purpose of use stated at time of collection.
Note, the following exemptions:

  • Personal Information may be shared if permission is granted from the individual from whom the information was collected.
  • Personal Information may be disclosed to meet any applicable law or legal process.

Deletion of Personal Information

If it is determined that certain Personal Information will no longer needed for its original purpose of use, the information will be securely deleted in a way that deems it irreproducible

Compliance to Laws and Regulations

We take efforts to secure and protect your Personal Information in a way that complies to laws, regulations, and other appropriate standards.

Revision of Privacy Policy and Personal Information Management Methods

Misuzu may revise this Privacy Policy in accordance with amendments in laws or changes in social circumstances.
Any revisions made to the Privacy Policy will be posted on this website.