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About Misuzu

Never stop growing

Since Misuzu was founded, we have come to several turning points and overcome many divides, but we have continued to expand and develop as a business. As a corporate organization, we believe the most important goal is to never stop growing.
Our growth is powered by people and resources, and we finally gain meaning as a company only when we can begin contributing back to society and consistently provide products that satisfy our customers.
We must make best use of our strengths – technology, resources, and know-how – yet at the same time make sure we do not lose sight of the present. And through pooling our unique strengths together to germinate new seeds of opportunity, we must always continue to develop and grow.

Becoming a small giant

At Misuzu, we make a variety of soybean-based foods and related products, with our main products being koya tofu (freeze-dried tofu) and fried tofu. Although we have made large steps since Misuzu was founded, we endeavor to pursue new markets and continue growing as a business leader in the field of soybean-based foods that are considered as one of the healthiest foods in the world.
In taking advantage of our most specialized technology and knowledge to continue business development, our goal is to not only be the number one in our industry, but also to become the “only one” by gaining the trust and love of customers worldwide.
Looking to the future, Misuzu Corporation strives to become a small, yet shining giant spreading the spirit of Misuzu around world.