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Company History

1st Business Phase

Dec. 1902
Business founded by Toichiro Tsukada (Komakien in Komaki Village, Kamiminochi-gun, now part of Nagano City). At that time, koya tofu (freeze-dried tofu) could only be made in winter using natural methods and supplied to customers around Nagano City.
Aug. 1929
The first president of Misuzu, Toyoaki Tsukada, developed a method for processing koya tofu using ammonia, which allowed the freeze-dried tofu to reconstitute quickly and cook softly. In June of the same year, the company exclusively distributed the product branded as Misuzu Tofu nationwide.
Apr. 1931
Misuzu Tofu Sales Cooperative formed.
Aug. 1932
Imachi Factory constructed in Imachi, Nagano. Using freezing methods in the factory, koya tofu could now be produced year-round. Misuzu continued to increase sales, production, and product quality.

2nd Business Phase

Apr. 1949
Misuzu is officially incorporated as Misuzu Tofu, Inc., with Toyoaki Tsukada inaugurated as the first CEO/President.
Sep. 1959
New factory (currently the Main Factory) was built to meet increasing demands and to begin streamlining production.
Dec. 1966
Factories certified under Japan Agricultural Standards (JAS).
Apr. 1968
Sales office opened in Tokyo (currently the Tokyo Branch Office).
Dec. 1968
Second factory at company headquarters was completed.
Aug. 1969
Sales office opened in Okayama.
May 1970
Misuzu Tofu Sellers, Inc. established in Osaka (later merged with Misuzu Corporation in Nov. 1992 and is currently the Osaka Branch Office).

3rd Business Phase

Toshiyuki Tsukada inaugurated as 2nd CEO/President.
Nov. 1972
Sales office opened in Sendai.
Wastewater treatment facility was completed (MO-Lagoon system).
Jun. 1974
Began production of fried tofu.
Apr. 1976
Sales office opened in Fukuoka.
Jun. 1979
Began production of seasoned fried tofu.
Sep. 1981
Began making different varieties koya tofu to suit various types of dishes.
Sep. 1983
Sales office opened in Hiroshima.
Nov. 1984
Presented the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award at the 6th Annual Food Industry Excellence Awards Ceremony.
Jan. 1985
New fried tofu factory completed in the Food Product Industrial Complex in Narashino, Chiba (consolidated into the Main Factory in 1998).
Jun. 1986
Sales office opened in Nagano (currently the Corporate Headquarter) and in Nagoya (currently the Nagoya Branch Office).
Operation of new okara (soybean pulp) dehydration facilities began.
Operation of new Toshin Factory facilities in eastern Nagano began (consolidated into Main Factory in Jul. 1999).
Apr. 1989
Sales office opened in Shikoku.
Operation of new Kohoku Factory facilities began.
Oct. 1990
Sales office in Hamamatsu opened (consolidated into the Nagoya Branch Office in 2005).
Operation of Toyota Factory facilities began (consolidated into Main Factory in Jun. 1996).
Jan. 1992
High concentration wastewater treatment facility completed.

4th Business Phase

Nov. 1992
Company name changed to Misuzu Corporation.
Feb. 1993
Sales office in Sapporo opened.
May 1994
New Communication Hall (employee wellness facility) was built.
Oct. 1995
East Fried Tofu Factory completed.
Sep. 1996
East Processing Factory completed.
Feb. 1998
Winter Olympics held in Nagano. Volunteers from Misuzu help at the event.
Sep. 1999
Misuzu recognized for its large contribution to environmental conservation in the region by the Nagano Association for Conserving Environment.
Sep. 1999
Received Type 1 Designated Energy Management Factory (for heat and electricity) designation.
May 2001
Completion of North Fried Tofu and Processing Factory. Yuichi Tsukada inaugurated as the third CEO/President of Misuzu (Toshiyuki Tsukada became Chairman of the Board).

5th Business Phase

Jun. 2002
Koya Tofu Factory received IS0 9001 Certification.
Mar. 2003
Completion of high efficiency wastewater treatment facility.
Apr. 2003
Fried Tofu and Processing Factory received IS0 9001 Certification.
Oct. 2003
Factory in Dalian, China is completed and began operation.
Feb. 2004
Misuzu celebrated its 100th anniversary.
Sep. 2004
Fried tofu product line was expanded.Awarded the Environmental Resources Award by The Japan Food Journal.
Oct. 2005
Awarded the Biomass Cycle Grant from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
Mar. 2006
Sludge reduction wastewater treatment facility was completed.
Apr. 2007
Opened the Fukkura Gohan Factory shop in Yokohama’s Anpanman Museum.
Jun 2009
Research and development building was completed.
Oct. 2009
Completion of the 2nd North Factory (installation of one-line fried tofu production facility).
Dec. 2009
Acquired Eco-Action 21 certification.
Mar. 2011
Converted 2nd North Factory to a two-line fried tofu production facility.
Oct. 2011
Awarded for distinguished service toward contributing to the formation of a recycling-oriented society by the Nagano prefectural government.
Nov. 2011
Received the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award for High Pressure Gas Safety (for Superior Factory).
Dec. 2012
Celebrated 110 years of business.
Sep. 2013
Biogas electric power generation facility began operation (electric power sold to Chubu Electric Power).
Nov. 2014
Officially recognized as a 100-year Local Business in Nagano.
Feb. 2015
Received the Good Company Award.
Mar. 2015
Presented the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award at the 36th Annual Food Industry Excellence Awards Ceremony (for promotion of food recycling, environmental category).
Jul. 2015
North Factory (fried tofu and processing) acquired FSSC 22000 certification (Planning, development, and production of processed seasoned fried tofu products for commercial use).
Sep. 2015
Acquired Halal certification for seasoned fried tofu.
Nov. 2015
Completion of 2nd East Factory (installation of one line fried tofu production facility)
Nov. 2016
Converted 2nd East Factory to a two-line fried tofu production facility.
Feb. 2017
Recognized by the committee chairman of the Chubu Electricity Use Rationalization Committee for Energy Management Excellence in the 2016 fiscal year.