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Corporate Profile

Company Name
Misuzu Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Originally Founded
Dec. 1, 1902
Official Company Establishment
Apr. 21, 1949
Yuichi Tsukada
Koya tofu (freeze-dried tofu), seasoned koya tofu, deep-fried tofu, seasoned deep-fried tofu for inarizushi, seasoned deep-fried tofu for udon noodles, soybean-based food products, retort packaged foods, chilled and frozen foods, nametake (a condiment made with enoki mushrooms)
Total Sales Revenue
¥16,600,000,000 annual sales (fiscal year ending in Mar. 2020)
Number of Employees
959 (as of Mar. 2020)
Company Bank
Hachijuni Bank
Affiliate Companies
Misuzu Holdings, Inc.
Nagano Yanase, Inc., Nagano Yanase AG, Inc.